A Fitz Full: Tips to improve your gain in the online marketing game

To Google or to Facebook?

A Fitz Full: Tips to improve your gain in the online marketing game.


3 Tips to Successful Event Booth Marketing

Marketing is key to having a successful event booth

We spend countless hours in our business strategizing how to best utilize our marketing budgets.  We strategize the look and feel of direct mail campaigns and newspaper/magazine ad pieces. We carefully pick and choose which event/trade shows to attend to showcase our businesses. But how much thought goes into designing our booth?

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DFW Rescue Me Benefits from Whetstone Christmas Lights Show

Dallas – DFW Rescue Me, one of the most pro-active animal rescue groups in North Texas, is this year’s recipient of donations made by people who view the Whetstone Christmas Lights Show in Corinth. Inspired by a Christmas lights display that his children encouraged him to see, Bret LeFevre decided in 2005 that he wanted to create a spectacular Christmas lights show that his children, neighborhood, and community could enjoy.

Whetstone Christmas Lights captivate Dallas residents

Whetstone Christmas Lights captivate Dallas residents

Six years later, the Whetstone Christmas Lights Show is even bigger and brighter. “I met a group of people who do their own Christmas light shows every year and they encourage people who view the lights to make a donation to a local charity,” said LeFevre. “My wife and I are strong supporters of local animal rescue groups and have been partnering with animal rescue groups ever since.”

This year, the Whetstone Christmas Lights Show is proud to announce their partnership with DFW Rescue Me. Why? “Justice. Plain and simple,” said Lisa, Bret’s wife. “We love the work they are doing to prosecute those who harm animals as well as their community outreach program to educate children and communities about animal abuse.”

The LeFevres not only talk the talk – they also walk the walk. They have two rescue dogs that both were just hours away from being euthanized. They appreciate the work that DFW Rescue Me has done in the community, along with their efforts and pro-active work in the community.

This year’s show continues through the first weekend of the new year. The LeFevres have a mailbox in the front of their house at 2704 Whetstone Drive in Corinth. They are asking all who cruise by and watch the lights to make a donation that will go directly – 100% – to DFW Rescue Me. Bret and Lisa incur all the costs for the lightshow and also contribute their personal funds to DFW Rescue Me.  Check out their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Whetstonelights – for regular updates.